Torrents have been around for more than a while now, people have been using torrents to get access to different files that include audios, videos, games, etc. The main idea behind torrents was to share files with a large group so that they can get access to them no matter where they are. If you want to learn more about torrents then this article will be your ultimate guide to torrents.

At you can get the best torrent clients, but before you do that you need to understand certain terms that will help you in using torrents effectively. The important terms that you need to know about are seeds, peers, swarms, and leechers.

Usually the torrents that tend to have higher number of seeders will help you in getting the best speed. So make sure to go for them when you are using torrents or need to download something for soon. In essence, a seeder is someone or a peer who has completed downloading the file from the torrent website but at the same time they are permitting their bandwidth to re-upload the file all over again. So the higher the seeds on a torrent, the better download speed you will get because more and more users will be helping. It is a chain of sorts that doesn’t break unless you do not seed the files after the download has finished.

Be selective about the torrent websites you plan on choosing in the long run. Not every website is safe to download things from. A lot of the times, people do not double check and end up with malware on their systems, so be mindful of this fact when you’re using torrents next time.