There are so many different kinds of laws as well as clauses within those laws that it would be impossible for lawyers to wrap their head around all of the moving parts unless they all specialized in specific areas at the end of the day. Suffice it to say that there are a few too many types of attorneys for us to list them all here, but there are some major groupings that can represent much of the industry for the most part.

The first category of lawyer in Forest Park, IL that we are going to discuss is that of family lawyers. These attorneys focus on divorces as well as parental custody. Following that we have personal injury attorneys who represent people that have been injured through the negligence or malicious intent of others. There are also corporate lawyers who work for massive firms, conglomerates and industrial tycoons. They represent the interests of major corporations and defend them in court if they are being sued or perhaps fined for failing to follow regulatory guidelines. For example, Teflon was sued by countless people because of the fact that their nonstick coating was hazardous to health, but the case took years to play out due to the reason that corporate lawyers put up one roadblock after another.

Some other types of lawyers include immigration lawyers, tax attorneys, real estate lawyers and those that specialize in environmental law. Additionally, some attorneys find their specialties overlapping with other niches such as in the case of divorce lawyers who often fight the same kinds of cases as family lawyers. Accident and personal injury lawyers are usually involved in similar cases as well.