Regardless if you are an amateur who is just starting out on their own first few do it yourself projects or if you are an expert who has been doing projects professionally for years, you will still be in need of a nail finisher. The finish nailer or finishing nail gun is a tool required for the finesse of any wood work project that you end up doing. It is there to make sure the final product is aesthetically pleasing and looks fine. It is extremely important as it makes sure that whatever you are making ends up looking presentable and looks like it has been made professionally.

So while you definitely know that you need a finish nailer, the decision you have to make is if you will be getting a pneumatic vs cordless finish nailers. So in this article we will be discussing some talking points about the two. First of all, if we talk about cost then the cordless finish nailer will be the cheaper option, and even with accessories will end up costing less than the pneumatic option. This does make it a better option for a lot of people who either do not use the finish nailer too often. If you are more of a DIY person then this option is the one you should go for.

In terms of ease of use and functionality, the pneumatic finish nailer is a better option. The pneumatic option has a more ergonomic design and lets you do a lot more as it is a newer option. It is also lighter and easier to use so it is preferred by most professionals. This is the product that is usually preferred by the people who are experts or have to do this professionally or often.