A fundamental aspect of any design philosophy that would be viable in any way, shape or form in the modern era has to do with symmetry and proportionality. If the various design elements that you have implemented in any given space are not proportional to one another the end result would be far less attractive once all has been said and is now out of the way, thereby making all of the effort that you put into this sort of thing go to waste and leave you with the opinion that you could have done a better job if you had just planned ahead efficiently rather than just marching forward thinking that you could make things up as you went along.

In order to try and improve the life that you are living you should get tree service done so that the tree in question would look more proportional to other plants that you might have in your garden. This does not mean that your tree needs to be smaller than it is, rather it means that you should implement tree service Rocklin in such a way that the tree would have a symmetrical look to it that would not clash with any of the other design elements that you would have put into place in this outdoor space.

Try figuring out what kind of look you want before you hire someone to come and service your tree. Once the work has been done there would be no way to reverse it and you would just have to wait for the tree to grow out again so that you can get it serviced once more which can take far more time than you would be willing to waste.