It is hard to believe that some of the road signs that were used in the 1900s to compete with other companies and advertise their own are now being sold as collectibles in the 2000s. It seems surreal to read, but the market for collecting these vintage signs is pretty big and these signs can go for anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you have a hard time believing this, you can visit Antique Sign Collector and go over some of the signs and their pricing. Of course, not every sign is going to be that popular or expensive, which is why we will talk about the more popular choice of antique signs below.

  • Gas company signs are some of the more popular antique signs. This is because gas companies are believed to have started the trend of erecting signs in the workplace, so they can be considered as pioneers of the practice. Plus, a lot of those gas companies are still operating today so these signs immediately become a vintage piece.
  • Distillery signs are also pretty popular because a lot of them, like gas company signs, are still active today so they become good keepsakes. Distillery signs are also popular because they become great decorations for bars and restaurants, and you have most likely seen those there at some point.
  • Route signs are also popular because they are reminders of certain roads, names, or routes that may or may not still be used. These signs have usually had a uniform look and aesthetic, so they also serve as great decorative pieces.
  • Some signs are popular because they are about big companies that are no longer operational as well. So, they serve as a reminder of what was considered a big name.