The s20 lineup, and more notably, the s20 ultra has been launched by Samsung officially as their flagship lineup for the year 2020. With these phones, you can go crazy and get 108 megapixel camera, 100x zoom, 16 gigabytes of Ram, 120 Hz refresh rate and what not. But choosing between these phone cam also get a bit tricky, as for the first time, the s20 ultra is more expensive as compared to the iPhone’s current flagship iPhone 11 pro max. So, here are s20 ultra price and the features that make it the flagship it is.

Massive Battery

Since almost everyone seems to be talking about the cameras fitted in these phone, we’ll start by talking about the massive batteries that they have.

The S20 ultra houses a 500 mAh battery, which is the largest on any galaxy phone launched by Samsung to date. But the battery of this capacity also seems necessary to constantly power the huge 6.9 inch display on the s20 ultra. In addition to the bigger battery, the phone also supports 45W charging  which can charge your s20 real quick.

Cameras And Zoom

Samsung has made their cameras the highlight feature of the s20 lineup. The cameras on s20 phones go up to 108 megapixel and they support 8k video shooting.

The company has used a unique combo of software and hardware to introduce the 100x space zoom. But it is more of a digital zoom than the real zoom.

Other Flagship Specs

S20 ultra is one of the biggest and feature rich flagships ever launched by any smartphone company. The phone also supports powerful8snapdragon 865 processor, or Exynos 990 depending on your region. You can also go for the crazy 16 gigabyte ram if you’re one of the power users.