There are many factors that are to be considered before you make the decision of what is more suitable for; a single housing unit? OR a condo?  The answer is not simple as there are factors such as annual return, the local market, location and other factors.

People mostly prefer condos due to low cost and low maintenance requirements. Not to mention the norm that condos increase their value over the years which give the owner an option to someday sell it at a much higher value than they initially invested in. Companies such as Abeja District Condos Vaughan offer various options to choose from when you are looking for a condo unit. Important to note is the appreciation value is not the same for all community properties. This means that you should be able to do some research by local at the local investment and property trends. Also reading more about the property you are interested in and asking for recommendations would help you invest wisely.

Single housing unit, while do cost more upfront, would appreciate far quicker than condos, it is due to the preference of people that consider investing on single home units more feasible as they have full property rights and they know that the entire property is owned by them and they can continue to enhance and evolve it as they see appropriate over years.

You are not entitled to pay a monthly, bi-annual or quarterly payments to a community or society if you own a single unit house. So it all comes down to the overall cost of the housing unit in the long run. While you may pay less upfront by choosing one over the other, the overall cost may make the investment a wrong choice over the course of time.