When you have spent such a long period of time involved in a romantic relationship with someone, it can be easy to miss them if you break up. This is going to make you want to go back to them, thinking that this is pretty much the only way in which you can possibly end up getting truly happy all in all. However, you should ask yourself the question, should you be thinking about going back to your ex at all?

First and foremost, sometimes change is good. If you have been seeing the same person for years maybe it’s time for a change of scenery and a change of pace, and with a lot of different people out there all of whom have their own distinct personalities maybe it would be a good idea for you to look into the other options that could be available to you.

There is also a reason why you broke up in the first place. Maybe the two of you fought a lot, maybe you wanted different things, or maybe you were just incompatible in other ways all of which came together to make you want to end your relationship.

Hence, while going back to one’s ex may sometimes feel like a good option, you need to realize that this is very often not the case at all and you need to weigh all of your options before you end up making this kind of a decision because of the fact that failing to do so could potentially end up making you very unhappy indeed which is certainly not something that you would want from yourself considering how hard it is to be satisfied in life in the modern day and age.