What makes smartphones so amazing is that their versatility often depends on the kind of software installed in them. A smartphone is a device that one can personalize to their heart’s content. Recently, smartphones have begun using more powerful hardware. This has made them even more versatile since they can do a lot more now. For instance, the latest smartphones have become capable of being used as gaming devices. Smartphone manufacturers have been fitting their devices with beefy RAMs, powerful CPUs, and dedicated graphics cards that can put older generation gaming consoles to shame.

Thanks to this advancement in technology, people can play a number of older gaming titles on their phones now. Gaming companies have been busy trying to port games onto smartphones for a while now. At the forefront of the mobile gaming scene stand games such as PUBG that are drawing in players like crazy. But battle royale shooters aren’t the only games that you can enjoy on your smartphone. Fans of the well-known GTA series will be pleased to know that they can now play the latest instalment of the GTA series on their phones. Rockstar decided to port GTA V onto smartphones and people have been all the happier for it.

GTA V is an especially noteworthy title since this game was a massive success when it came out. Even 6 years after its release, GTA V is being played actively. You can play this game on your phone now as well. In order to get gta 5 android version, all you have to do is download its APK and install it into your device. How do you do that? You can find all that you need to know at Laquila Capitale. Turn your phone into a gaming device today.