The world of carpet cleaning has had a debate raging for as long as it has been in existence, and the main crux of this debate involves determining whether dry carpet cleaning is better than wet carpet cleaning. In order to understand which of these cleaning methods would end up being most worth your while, we are going to be diving deep into the debate by breaking down wet and dry methods.

The main benefit of dry rug cleaning is that it allows you to skip the extended drying period that is usually required after steam cleaning and other wet based methods. However, this benefit does not provide enough to justify you prioritizing dry cleaning at the end of the day. Having to wait for your rug to dry after cleaning can be annoying of course, but wet cleaning has some unique benefits that help to make this wait a lot less frustrating for you. Dry cleaning does not penetrate all that deeply into the fibers of your rug because of the fact that the powdered cleaning chemicals only bind to dirt that is on the outermost service. Hence, while dry cleaning doesn’t require any drying post-hoc, it also fails to provide the deeper cleanse that wet methods such as hot water extraction can send your way.

This is why we feel like dry carpet cleaning pales in comparison to steam cleaning. Wet cleaning has only one disadvantage, and its myriad benefits more than make up for it from where we are standing. If the cleanliness of your rug truly matters to you, you can only ever go for wet cleaning due to the reason that it is far superior.