Carpet cleaning is something that we have been doing since human beings first invented carpets thousands of years ago. After all, it makes a lot of sense that we would start trying to think of ways to clean a rug most effectively, since their very nature results in them being magnets for dirt and dust particles at the end of the day. The oldest carpet cleaning methods involved little more than beating them to get the dust out, but suffice it to say that our modern era has some far more technologically sound solutions that are faster, more convenient and above all else clean your carpet thoroughly enough that you would be rubbing your eyes in disbelief once you lay your eyes on it again.

However, there is no single solution that a carpet cleaning service would use if you hire them to clean your carpet as thoroughly as possible. Some of them would swear by steam cleaning, whereas others would opt for dry cleaning using chemicals which is a much more recent innovation that some are claiming will replace steam cleaning as the optimal technique that everyone should consider implementing into their own processes.

Dry cleaning your carpet with chemicals is definitely pretty effective, but it is by no means better than steam cleaning no matter how liberal you are in views with respect to what optimal cleaning is actually supposed to end up looking like. It fails to sanitize your rug for starters, so while you should dry clean your carpet whenever your heart desires you should supplement it with occasional steam cleaning as well to make the end result more thorough and perfect.