There are lots of custom embroidery patch manufacturers which can provide you with high quality patches for a reasonable price. However, you should choose the right manufacturer to make sure that you receive high-quality patches with every order. Moreover, if you are ordering in bulk quantity, the manufacturer must provide you with  a good discount.

In this article, we will tell you how you can save money when ordering patches from manufacturers like

Order More

If you are looking to get multiple custom embroidery patches made, you should order them in bulk to reduce the price considerably. This happens because the more patches you get, the lower per patch cost your manufacturer will have to face. So, they’ll be in a great position to help you out. For example, if you want 30 patches, you might get an even lower price for 35 patches just because they will cost less to make.

So, if you want to have a discount on your custom batch order, you should order multiple custom patches.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Every patch manufacturer will allow you to use a specific amount of colors for free with every order. For example, you might be allowed to use 10 different colors for your order. While you can certainly use more colors, they might cost you some extra money.

So, try keeping your patches sweet and simple by using a few colors.

Get Smaller Patches

If you want to save money on your custom batch order, you should get smaller patches made. This way, the manufacturer will have to use less material to make them, and they will charge you less as well.

These were some of the best ways for you to save on your custom patch order.