Piano is probably the best and the most fun musical instrument to learn. Many people think that they can’t become piano expert without years of practice and experience, but it’s not always the case. You can learn piano really quickly learn to play piano with some practice.

Invest in a Piano

To start the process of learning a piano, you’ll have to either buy a piano, or lend it from a friend. Pianos have acoustic sounds coming out of the strings, and they have all the 88 keys as well. On the other hand, keyboards don’t have these features. So, keep these things in mind when making a purchase.

Make Yourself Familiar With The Instrument

After getting the piano or a keyboard, sit down and starting identifying all the keys and tones associated to them. You’ll need to learn the differences between all the different keys and tones to start playing piano.

Learn Finger Placement

To play the piano is a proper way, you’ll have to learn how to place the fingers perfectly on the keys. You can learn the art of perfect finger placement from free guides available online. These guides would first number all of your fingers, and then tell you about the keys you’ll have to play with specific fingers.

Do Lots of Practice

For proper practice, listen to some songs and try replaying them on your piano/ keyboard. While you can learn the basic things easily, being a good pianist will require lots of practice. For part timers, they should allocate specific times to practice piano at least three times a week.

You can start by learning Piano Keyboard, and then make your way up until you eventually master the art of piano. While it requires some practice to begin with, learning piano is well worth your time and effort.