A business card is an ideal tool for marketing which is still as relevant today as it was decades ago. However, despite the era, the difficulties people usually face is to know the right way to design a card. To help them get started in the right direction, here’s a guideline that would help in creating a business layout that does the job with perfection. 

Think Before You Start

The most important aspect of designing a business card is to do proper homework prior to getting started. The approach requires some critical thinking on the following aspects of a business card

  • The logo
  • The Color Scheme
  • The Finish Look
  • The Patterns

While a logo summarizes the name and perhaps its purpose in the form of a small icon, a color scheme helps in further conveying the idea of the brand. For instance, a real estate business card may have subtle shades and tones whereas a food chain may have vibrant colors. The patterns help to render a rather visually effective appeal.

Know Yourself Well Enough

This preliminary approach helps the person in working out the message that they want their card to render and this makes the rest of the designing process easier and convenient. One way to do so is to prepare a list of questions that the customers would probably have about the business and answer them in the most brief manner so that the card consists of all the necessary information without looking too jumbled up.

Begin With The Layout

Now that you know how the card should look like and what message it should carry, it is now time to work on the appearance of the card. Depending upon the budget, one can either opt for paper business cards or Metal Kards each of which renders advantages of its own. The next step is to choose the shape of the card; which may either rectangle or in any other customized shape as per the requirement of the brand. For instance, a company dealing with ketchup manufacturing can have a card in the shape of a bottle.