If you have decided to use a marquee service for your wedding or any other event, you will have to choose the right marquee. Marquees provide you with lots of flexibility when it comes to design and the available space for guests. They are like a blank canvas for any wedding decoration expert, and they really love working on marquees to decorate them.

While marquees are great and all, choosing the right one when it comes time to make a decision can become hard. That is because it depends on various factors. In this article, we will tell you how to decide which marquee to buy, and whether you should resort to ordering a custom printed marquee or renting one.

Choose The Feeling You Want

If you are looking to choose the right type of marquee for your wedding, choose between festival or vintage feeling when doing so. You can also choose the right type of marquee to make your wedding setup look like a summer garden.

Depending on the type of feeling you want in your wedding, you should choose the right marquee type. There are vintage, bohemian, festival style, clear span, glass ceiling, sailcloth and a few other types of marquees to consider when you’re in the market.

Do Some Online Research

In order to choose the right type of marquee, you should do online research and see what this marquee will look like. This will help you visualize your wedding setup and make any amendments to it before making any final decision.

Once you have found the right type of marquee you want set up for your event, you should ask a few marquee service providers to provide you with good quotes. They will arrive at the chosen location, and will provide you with lots of ideas, and an accurate quote.