Going to America and not tipping your server ten percent of the total bill is going to make you come across as very rude and perhaps even stingy. On the other hand, if you go to a place like Japan and try to tip your server, they definitely won’t accept the money and might even take offense so you need to be very careful indeed when it comes to this sort of thing. Understanding the tipping culture of a country or city that you are about to visit is essential since it can be a deciding factor with regards to whether or not you can genuinely enjoy the trip that you are on.

When it comes to a place like Satkosia, things like tipping are actually quite relaxed. If you feel like your server was very professional and did a really good job, you can give them however much you thing is fair. They will probably be overjoyed to get a little extra on the side that they can use to boost their own lives and buy a few choice luxuries for themselves as well as for their families which definitely tend to rely on them quite a bit.

That said, there is no obligation on you to tip. In fact, if the service was poor you don’t have to tip at all. Hence, Satkosia tends to give you a much more relaxed experience than a lot of other places are out there which means that you can experience a lot of comfort here and not have to worry about anything else at all. Being stressed out about tipping can ruin the holiday experience for quite a few vacationers that are out there.