Carpets in our cars get dirtier much faster than carpets in our homes and we usually clean our home carpets at least once a week depending on how particular you are regarding cleanliness and how much free time you want to spend cleaning your home, but usually a car carpet gets cleaned once in a while which makes it really dirty and having a dirty carpet doesn’t just look bad but it can pose health issues if it catches dirt and it stays there for long, what we usually do is just pick up the mats which are visibly dirty and beat it against the ground to get the dirt out or even wash it and think that it is done, but the dirt underneath on the carpet surface is carrying a ton of dirt.

You have to be the judge in deciding what needs to be done if you are doing it on your own, if you get the help of experts they’ll you whether it needs washing or it can be dealt with any other way, but first you need to handle the dirt by wiping the surface with a damp rag, by doing this you’ll soften the surface and take out dirt which has thickened and got really hard, then you can use detergents or solutions which are available in the market made specifically for carpet cleaning, make sure that you don’t put too much of it because it will require a lot of water for you to take out and that is not something you can do when the carpet is intact in the car.

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