Nobody wants to find themselves amidst a serious law violation especially one that can lead to a hefty fine and even imprisonment, yet there are times when people tend to go overboard and commit mistakes they never intended to do in the first place. One such incident occurs when one is drunk driving. A drink at work or a party, followed by another shot and the naive presumption that they won’t be caught and would make home safely is exactly how most of the DUI cases occur.

However, once caught and convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can have serious consequences such as suspension of driver’s license, fine and even imprisonment.

Types of DUI Arrests

The fine for first DUI offense in South Carolina varies between $400-$1000, for second offense it is between $2000 to $6500 while a penalty of $3800 to $10000 can be charged for third time offense. Furthermore, the DUI cases are also divided into two categories;

  1. A criminal charge that comprises of various aspects such as imprisonment, fines, compulsory rehab classes, ignition interlock devices and several other consequences.
  2. A DMV case which is characterized by potential suspension of driver’s license for three months to three years.

The charges can be lenient for a first time convict but are not the same for those attempting the crime for the third time as such individuals can face imprisonment for upto 5 years along with a permanent license suspension.

The Role of a DUI Lawyer

Once convicted for DUI, many people tend to opt for paying the fine rather than hiring a lawyer but saving a few dollars might not necessarily save from one further sentence because the penalty varies with state. In South Carolina, for instance, the penalty for DUI is not just a fine but also everything else that comes as a package and in such situations, it is better to hire a DUI attorney Florence SC than ending up with a guilty plea.

A DUI lawyer acts by communicating with the district attorney and judge, works on the defense, tries to get the fines lessen and helps in restoring the driver’s privileges.