Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. This hormone makes a man- a man before he is even born. Throughout their life, men are dependent on their testosterone for sexual and overall health. Testosterone works as a manager is your body, and directs the work of various other hormones and bodily functions. It is the king’s hormone, and is the king of hormones.

But some men suffer from testosterone deficiency as well. Usually, testosterone deficiency can be treated by taking testosterone boosters (visit andro.fi/testosteroni-lisaravinne/ for more info). However, knowing about the factors affecting the testosterone levels in your body is also very important.

Here are some factors affecting testosterone levels.

The Food You Eat

If you mostly eat green vegetables, your body won’t have enough cholesterol to produce testosterone, since there is no cholesterol available in vegetables. That’s why long term strict vegetarian diet can cause a lack of sex drive in men.

That’s why you should eat enough red meat to keep your testosterone levels normal. This will help “warm your blood”, and will increase your sex drive.


Mem have estrogen as well, which is the female hormone. And frankly, many men are facing problems because of these hormones. Meat produced by injecting the animals with supplements isn’t as beneficial as all natural meat. Same goes for beer high in phytoestrogens. These things don’t add to your masculine power, and can in fact decrease it.


Your skin’s exposure to sunlight is very important for the production of male sex hormones. Warmer climate means higher sex drive in men living in those areas. People living in the north have not been the luckiest ones in this regard.

These were some of the factors which affect the testosterone levels in your body.