You know what really ticks us off? Each time we see some meme about how people with mental health issues are told to exercise like it’s something that won’t actually help them. Look, we get that you have your problems and you want to be able to talk about them without being bombarded with solutions from people around you. If you’re going to keep up this kind of attitude, people will want to help you even lesser. Second, there’s actual scientific evidence that exercising will help improve your mood.

Each time you work out, your muscles get torn and because of that, they ache a little. Your body releases endorphins that help with the pain and they also keep your mood in check. They do the same thing that opioids do in your body, but only that they’re natural. The more you work out, the more generous your body is with endorphins. This kind of chemical activity in your body is basically your brain trying to teach you to keep seeking out good things.

In the long run, if you keep exercising, your brain will start to keep more of the happy chemicals around, which can elevate depression in most cases (unless you have a very severe case). Besides the increased endorphin activity, you’ll just feel really good about yourself after you start seeing results from your exercises. It helps if you join something like personal training classes by Trophy Fitness Club, where you’re given guidance so you don’t harm yourself while exercising.

Once your body becomes stronger from exercising at the gym regularly, you’ll feel tired and exhausted less often and instead, you’ll have energy and stamina throughout the day, which will make you feel even better. That, is how exercising can make you happier.