A lot of people have the incorrect assumption about using steroids when they are trying to increase their gains in the gym. This is often because a lot of people do end up abusing these steroids to help them get bigger and more muscular faster, but incorrect usage can really affect your health and physical appearance in a  number of ways. One of the first harmless things to happen will be that you will breakout more and get more acne on your face than normal. This is because the steroids are specifically made out of testosterone, the male hormone, which can cause acne in people. Another thing it can cause is hair loss, so you do have to be careful whenever you do use it. Finally, it can have some more extreme effects like affecting your kidneys and liver or even affecting your heart. This is why you know that it is not something you want to use without proper guidance or medical support.

Using steroids can really help your body building journey as well, it can speed up the fat burning process, giving you a flatter stomach faster, adding more muscle to your body, and even increasing strength and stamina. However, all of this can often end up making someone greedy and they will end up overusing the steroids. There are ways to use them without it affecting your health much and for that you do need to check with a medical professional before you go ahead with using these steroids. However, it can be used in the correct dosage and only over a short period of time to help you move past certain plateaus when you are exercising and dieting. Reading about more details on this topic online can help you make a better decision.