Both Shopify a d square space are online platforms built to help you make a compelling online store without even learning coding and other complex things. However, both of these platforms have their own is and cons which need to be considered before you can choose one of them.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest benefits of both these platforms, and will help you choose the best one out of these two. So, let’s compare Shopify vs Squarespace.

Are You Making a Store or Website?

One of the first questions you should ask before choosing between Shopify and squarespace is whether you’re making an online store or just a simple website. By website, we mean that if providing important information to your clients is your priority.

If you’re looking to make a simple website, than squarespace is the best option for you. That’s because Shopify is the best for making online stores. So, choose between these two options carefully according to your needs.


Both Shopify and squarespace have identical features and interface when it comes to the basics. However, deep down inside, both of these platforms have different features which work and affect the performance of your website/ store differently.

So, when it comes to features, squarespace comes with a better interface as compared to Shopify. Navigation and layout is easy when you’re using squarespace.

The e-commerce features provided on squarespace are easier to use on squarespace as well.


While both of the platforms have lots of useful templates, Shopify is more focused on the e-commerce part, and squarespace is focused on the simple website part.

So, in short, both of these platforms have lots of different features you can choose from depending on your personal needs.