Floor jacks are very powerful tools which can help you lift even the heaviest vehicles off the ground easily. With the help of a floor jack, you can easily get underneath your vehicle and see what is wrong with it.

From replacing a tire to fixing major issues with your car, a floor jack can be of much importance for a driver and a mechanic. However, since floor jacks are also mechanical tools, they are bound to get stuck at times. Since a malfunctioning floor jack can cause lots of problems, you should always maintain it in a proper way.

In this article, we will mention some common floor jack problems, and how you can easily fix them.

Decreased Weight Lifting Capacity

The main purpose of a floor jack is lifting up heavy loads, and keeping them in here unless you are done with your work underneath the vehicle. However, some problems might cause the floor jack to lose its weight lifting capacity.

Whenever the floor jack fails to lift up a weight, see whether you are overloading the jack or not. So, if you try to overload the floor jack to see if it is working properly, doing this might damage it even further.

Moreover, see if your floor jack has enough hydraulic oil in it. If the hydraulic jack has less or more than needed hydraulic oil, it might start malfunctioning. If all of this is working properly, you should try lubricating your floor check to see if the problem goes away. Read https://floorjackin.com/repairing-floor-jack-that-wont-hold-pressure/ for more details on this type of repair.

A Leaky Floor Jack

Since your floor jack has hydraulic oil in it, it might start leaking because of several reasons. Usually, this happens when the O-rings in your hydraulic jack break. So, replacing these rings would help the hydraulic jack return to its normal functioning potential.