When choosing what you will be using for your vapes, you will need to consider two main things; the actual vape equipment and the vape juice or vape fluids that you will be smoking. A lot of people just pick up and buy any random vape they think looks cool and any flavor they think they will like. While there are considerations for both, we will be talking about the equipment in this article. For more information on the actual fluid you can look for reviews of vape juice online to get an idea of what flavors will be good for you.

So the gear you get should, first of all, be basic level gear if you are just starting out. Do not get anything that lets you mess about with the flavor inject or atomizer if you do not know what you are doing. There are three base levels of vape mods that you can get; the standard base model, the sub ohm base model, and the herb vape base model. All of these work different and to quickly go through it, the standard works like a cigarette as you get smoke in your mouth and then inhale, the sub ohm version is a direct inhale and smoke hits the lungs, and the herb vape heats up the herbs or tobacco without burning it first.

Once you know what you want from those (ask for testers) you will be able to go forward and decide on other things. Major considerations include on whether you want something that is refillable or one that requires replaceable cartridges, do you want anything that resembles a cigarette or do you want a machine styled vape, do you want to make more smoke or focus on flavor, and do you want a dry vape.