Cell phones are everywhere and it is safe to say that it has been the most popular and wide spread innovation in the gadget world, in just over a decade cell phone has become a necessity and every one of us seems to cling on to it no matter where we are or what we are doing, cellphones have made communication easy and has made our lives easier, there is none denying that, everything is available in forms of apps and we have the power and convenience in our hands, but carrying a cellphone all the time and using it excessively has a number of different problems attached with it, it has come to a point where it has put a huge question mark on our security and our privacy as well, and even if it is not threatening our security it still very annoying and we have to do something about it.

Cell phone jammers are the solution to it, because we can’t stop people by force or no sign board is able to stop people from using it, cell phone jammers are very common and these are used in places where you might not have ever imagined, there are different places where you might feel that your cell phone is working properly and you can’t connect properly, this could happen near a school, a shopping mall or a cinema and more importantly it is installed in government offices and military buildings.

Cell phone jammers and GPS jammers come in different shapes and sizes, if you want to conceal it then you can install it within walls or use The Signal Jammer which is installed at a point which isn’t reachable to everyone and covers the entire area.