A really common misunderstanding that is incessantly pervasive when it comes to first time coffee drinkers is that you need to buy the most expensive espresso machine in the entire world if you want the slightest chance of making good quality espressos that can be compared to the drinks created by high end cafes and the like. There is a pretty good chance that this misconception stops a lot of people from buying the machines that can change their lives permanently in the long run, and we are going to try to show you why this notion is almost entirely false.

The first thing that you should know is that a cheap espresso machine is more than capable of making an excellent cup of coffee. This is because of the fact that they have all of the pressure and heat settings that are required for espressos, and a lot of the cheap machines that you can check out at Coffeeshan.com/best-semi-automatic-espresso-machine/ will be highly useful if you want to make espresso on a tighter than average budget.

The truth of the situation is that cheap espresso machines can make coffee that will blow your mind, and the only drawback is that they can be a bit too fragile for your needs. That means that you might damage it if you use it to make more than three or four espressos in a single hour, but that is a very high level of usage that you are unlikely going to take part in unless you are a complete caffeine addict or alternatively if the machine is being used by multiple people all at the same time which can overheat and damage it.