Snakes are not something that people are fond of, in fact it is actually the opposite. They are poisonous and with the recent increase in snake bite cases being reported, people have started taking precautionary measures. For those who like to go out in the wild, it is even more important to use protective gear to protect themselves from snakes. The most important thing that you need for protection against snakes is a pair of snake proof boots. They are not your regular hiking boots, they are a bit different and in case you are wondering as to what you should know about them, then this beginners guide to snake proof boots is perfect for you so you should definitely give it a read.

The best snake proof boots have certain features, and one of them is the high coverage they provide. Ideally, it is best that you get knee length snake proof boots because according to research, snakes usually attack in between your ankle and your knees. That is why, the higher the coverage your boots provide the better it is for you. Low length of boots may not be enough and you can end up with a snake bite.

You want to get boots that is made of material which snakes cannot bite through. Usually leather, Kevlar, and nylon are the preferred materials, however, they can be used in different combinations as well. But most importantly, their weave should be really think so that the snake cannot bite through it and it keeps you safe from the venom.

If you need extra protection then usually, you compromise on your comfort. So it may be a bit hard to walk in snake proof boots due to their stiffness.