Everyone can save up money o er tome to buy a house, but turning that house into home can be a tricky process. Everything in your house, including your family members, let out their energies when they combine with other things in their surroundings. The concept of energies, both positive and negative, is discussed in every culture. However, in the Hindu culture, it is well documented as Vastu shastra.

Vastu mentioned mentions that every element in your house lets out its energy when combined with other elements. If the energy getting out of these elements is disturbed, it can have bad effects on the wellbeing of your family members. Many homeowners still make bug mistakes when making their house according to the vastu shastra. Here are the mistakes that most people make, and how you can avoid them easily.

Using Darker Colors

The type of colors you use inside your house can affect your mood. While you might not even notice, but these colors can have direct impact on the behavior of the residents. That is why vastu tells us to avoid using dark colors in the house.

You should preferably use color like dark green, blue, white and yellow. Colors to avoid are the shades of black, red, and grey. However, of you want to use a darker color, pain one wall dark, and keep the rest lightly colored to let in the positive energy.

Bedroom Recommendation in Vastu

Keep in mind that vastu is mostly about directions of different things and rooms in your house. There are clear guidelines on what is good or bad direction. You should not place the bed in the north of your house as it might bring you bad dreams. For more on this topic, you can see south facing house vastu = 18, 2nd page.