We have seen it on TV shows plenty of times where the protagonist is slammed with criminal charges and they know they are not in the wrong, so they work towards proving their innocence themselves in court. So, they forgo legal representation and decide to represent themselves, and they can make a passionate opening and closing statement, which sways the jury, and they are proven innocent. It does sound tempting to be smart enough to represent ourselves, but the problem here is that things don’t work out that swimmingly in real life. There have been instances where criminals have tried doing that, and they usually ended up getting convicted anyways. If you are currently dealing with criminal charges, we suggest checking out Lemoyne criminal defense lawyers.

  • Knowledge – If we talk in terms of knowledge unless you have a degree or a very deep understanding of criminal law, you are a layman. You can try to read up on the laws, but you won’t be able to understand all of them. A proper criminal defense lawyer has spent years learning about the law and perfecting their craft.
  • Court Proceedings – Court proceedings in real life are very different compared to the sensationalized versions we see in the media. If you do not follow the rules of the court, you can, in worst-case scenarios, be held for contempt of court.
  • Loop Holes – A lawyer not only knows about the law but also loopholes in certain laws that can benefit your case. You most likely do not know about them, which again, gives them a better edge over you.
  • Contacts – A criminal lawyer has spent enough time in the field to develop different contacts, and expert contacts, which can help in the form of expert testimony or two in your case. You most likely do not have those kinds of contacts.