One of the most common ways that an air conditioner stops working properly is that its air compressor becomes undone and stops functioning. This can happen because of a number of different reasons and each of those reasons will require a different solution. So in this article we will be talking a bit about the air conditioner’s air compressor and how it works, and why it might run in to faults.

So first lets begin with what an air compressor does for your air conditioner. It is a small mechanism that has two very important functions. It first pushes and compresses the air and refrigerant together to make a very dense cool gas. The air compressor then pushes the cool gas throughout the air conditioning system. The cooled gas eventually reaches an evaporator that pushes it out as cold air. Clearly the air compressor is a very important part of the air conditioner, and you can imagine how any issues with it or damage that is caused to it can affect the functionality of the entire air conditioning unit.

If your ac compressor stopped working, then it is very likely that it has one of the following problems. The suction lines or coils of the compressor may be blocked or dirty, you could have run out of refrigerant for the system, or there is some physical or electrical damage to the  compressor and its lines. This can lead to reduced or no cooling at all and can make the temperature unpleasant. You can often tell something like this is about to happen if you look out for the signs. You might no0tice that the air conditioner tripper is going off more often than it used to, or the whole system begins to shake a little when switched on.