About Us

Stark Naked Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization founded in 2011 by Kim Tobin and Philip Lehl

Stark Naked’s Mission:

To develop and support theatrical artists by providing competitive pay. To develop and promote an aesthetic of acting that is truthful by producing exciting, cutting-edge, live theatre.

Stark Naked’s Vision:

Stark Naked Theatre Company will encourage artists to stay in Houston, to develop their craft and have life-long careers here.

Stark Naked Theatre Company aims to develop and educate the Houston audience’s understanding and attitude toward theater and acting from being one of pastime, to one of mainstay.

Stark Naked Theatre Company aims to be a nexus organization in Houston for artists, audiences, and arts administrators from across the city to forge a pipeline of tangible resources that will enrich theater companies at every level.

Stark Naked Theatre Company will be an incubator for new ideas that will lead to a richer, more diverse, financially stable community, which contributes to the overall quality of life in Houston.

Stark Naked Theatre Company will play a crucial role in maintaining and growing the vibrancy of our local economy though its arts education and training programs.

Stark Naked Theatre Company will promote an aesthetic of performance that is truthful and is based on specific acting theory for the edification of our audiences.